2017 So Far

Hey friends,

2017 has been fun so far.  Skating on Okanagan Lake, snowboarding at Sun Peaks, a few trips to Vancouver Island booked, a surprise trip for my 30th coming up soon!  Super stoked to find out what we're doing.

I made a few goals this year for my photography but I have wanted to keep on thinking about them before releasing them.

1.  Have more fun - book more creative shoots, do more for myself, don't worry about a style, just have fun with it.

2.  Find different angles - frame better, compose differently, walk around to find the most interesting view, do something someone else hasn't done.

3.  Be bold - Book sessions, talk to people, leave comfort zones, try new things, don't be worried about how many likes or shares a photo gets.  Make mistakes and get messy.

These will all make me a better photographer.  And I certainly do want to be better.