Winter Abentures

It's been a while.  I planned on a weekly blog.  It hasn't happened so far.  I'll try harder.

Anyways, on with the show.

Adventure Day took us up the Connector a little ways this week to Sunset Main Rd, near Hatheume Lake (a very rad place to camp, btw).  It was a snowy wonderland as Hannah claimed.  Mylah was less interested as soon as she felt the cold on her fingers.

I'd really love to do some snowshoeing up there this winter, I'll have to get some friends on board to go with me and risk being eaten by a moose or porcupine.  Lots of snow, lots of sun, beautiful scenery.  Just a bit of a long drive.

On the winter wonderland theme, we got the lights up this week and the girls were thrilled.  I was not thrilled.  I love lights.  I hate putting them up.  I hate even more running out staples for the staple gun.  I hate even more, more, buying some new ones from the dollar store and finding out on a ladder that the dollar store staples are as expected when purchased for $1.25... total junk.  But that isn't the end of the lights hatred.  After banging some nails in, I got them all up.  I plug them in... Oh wait.  I couldn't.  I put them on backwards and have the female end of the cord where the outlet is.  Sooo I will be heading to Home Depot tomorrow to buy new staples, then take all the lights down and redo them for the weekend.

But!  All was redeemed today as the Stuart Park Ice Rink opened for 2016-17!!!  It's such a great piece of our community.  Free skating, decent ice, taco food truck, mini zamboni, fun times.  Aside from skipping rocks, it's my favorite family activity.

Sorry for the rambly-ness.  Just started day 1 of my craft beer advent calendar!