Spring Blossoms

The Okanagan is known for it's sunny summers. I think it should get more love for it's Spring season. Here's some thoughts and photos. https://www.tourismkelowna.com/blog/post/kelowna-fruit-trees-in-bloom/

2017 So Far

Hey friends,

2017 has been fun so far.  Skating on Okanagan Lake, snowboarding at Sun Peaks, a few trips to Vancouver Island booked, a surprise trip for my 30th coming up soon!  Super stoked to find out what we're doing.

I made a few goals this year for my photography but I have wanted to keep on thinking about them before releasing them.

1.  Have more fun - book more creative shoots, do more for myself, don't worry about a style, just have fun with it.

2.  Find different angles - frame better, compose differently, walk around to find the most interesting view, do something someone else hasn't done.

3.  Be bold - Book sessions, talk to people, leave comfort zones, try new things, don't be worried about how many likes or shares a photo gets.  Make mistakes and get messy.

These will all make me a better photographer.  And I certainly do want to be better.


Daddy Girls Abenture Day

Here's an intro to Adventure Day for you guys (AKA Abenture Day).

Pretty simple premise really.  Jenn (my loving, caring, thoughtful wife) works Tuesdays, I don't.  My children also do not work so I figured it would be a great time to get out with them to Explore the beauty around us, and while doing so, spend some time together.

Waterfalls, parks, hikes, beaches, drives, more hikes, walks, rivers, more waterfalls (Hannah loves waterfalls) etc etc are our usual hangouts.  Oh and when on the Island, catching little rock crabs and tide pool critters.  Both of the girls seem to love it, although Mylah has been slightly less inclined to jump into it, but honestly, I just love it enough that I really don't care what they think (bad parenting? meh).

Anyways, my other hope is that they end up with the same appreciation for the outdoors that I have.  We grew up outdoors, minimal time indoors and that's how I am to this day.  I hate idle time, don't like being indoors, not a fan of being on the computer or in front of the TV, unless the Vikings are playing.  We, in BC, live in arguably the most beautiful diverse area in the world.  It'd be a shame to miss out on all there is to offer out there.

I hope this inspires you to get out there yourselves.